After one year of setbacks, and if it had to be done differently…

After following more than 5000 conversations on different chatbots, some striking observations stand out.


The most important is that a chatbot can reach everyone. It can really adapt to every situation by giving it a touch of … humanity!


No environment is too restrictive


First of all, I understood that technical solutions allow to implement almost everything – or at least this is not the limiting step today. Also, by its flexibility and its extreme versatility, it’s quite possible to validate a chatbot in whatever regulatory context, even the most restrictive.


The users entrust themselves


The main lesson I learned from these experiences, if it must be reduced to just a single one, is that people are ready to talk to a chatbot. Because a bond is quickly created in such a conversation. A bond that requires us to communicate in a very human way… With rather dizzying possibilities.


Finally, for talking about chatbots the easiest way is to leave the technical aspects behind us: let’s talk about the conversation.

From the first moment of a conversation with a chatbot a bond will be created. A bit like in real life. The user asks himself if he can trust this tool, if it is legitimate to give him advice, if it will be able to meet the expectations to guide and to reassure him.

For all these reasons, it is important to first of all give the word to the conversational partners.


Think about the user: listen and reassure


The challenge, therefore is to create conversations which resemble a human interaction. The user of a chatbot came with a problem and tries to find a solution by himself.


But he also needs to be understood, he wants to validate his impressions with an external expertise and with a suitable response. He expects an understanding, competent and personalized opinion. Or very simple, he wants to test the reaction and competence of the tool. When these expectations can be met a chatbot will be appreciated and used.


To continuously enrich the content


More concretely and to maintain this simulated humanity by the chatbot, it is important to enrich the proposed content on a regular base. While in real life we greet by handshake and exchange business cards, in a chatbot we use the digital channel to include videos, photos and links. These different contents will make it possible to develop new uses of the chatbot and to improve it continuously in order to engage in more meaningful conversations. And of course, it needs to be adapted constantly to what the conversation partner wants. Actually, as in everyday life!


This constant enrichment is also an internal way to build an engagement to ensure a long-lasting relation with the chatbot.



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