How do you create a chatbot?

To create a chatbot, the work is generally divided into 3 stages, which require different skills.

1. Generate traffic

Promoting your chatbot is essential and must be considered from the beginning of the project. In order to do this, multichannel marketing must be used to make the tool known and to integrate it into the existing communication channels. It can also be interesting to build external partnerships to diversify the promotion.

2. Manage the conversations

It's the technical step, but not exclusively! It consists in understanding what the conversation partners say and responding appropriately to it. This requires, on the one hand, technical skills in development, machine learning and technical architecture. On the other hand, there is a need for scientific knowledge on the topic being dealt with combined with editorial skills. A good knowledge of the respective field allows an effective collaboration of the project team.

Concretely, we start by creating a discussion tree in the form of a diagram, then we gradually add conversational elements simulating a human intelligence which is able to understand the basic situations: hello or thank you for example. After accomplishing these steps, data are gradually obtained defining a set of questions and associated answers.

If you want and you have enough data, you can then train an artificial intelligence to identify the appropriate answers when facing new questions.

3. Leading the discussions that take place

To evaluate the impact of a chatbot, you need to identify the positive impact on your strategy from the start. This allows you to build the elements to measure your performance, and train the chatbot to improve itself on a daily basis. Depending on your use of the chatbot, it may be important to schedule a medium-term follow-up to enable you to value the results.

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