I want a chatbot!

(I really understand you!)

Somehow, you almost feel like you're following a mood. If you want a chatbot, would it not just be because it is fashionable, everyone is talking about it, to create a "wow effect" in your marketing plan ... or maybe just for you to create a new tool?

All these reasons are valid! And at the same time, they are not strong enough to convince your boss ... So, what are the arguments that you will be able to use?

Strengthen and enrich the overall strategy

A chatbot does not solve everything, but its versatility allows to tie each part of the strategy together. Valuing existing content, creating or strengthening a customer relationship, reconstructing a process or a customer pathway are only examples of the potential of chatbots!

You are interested in reinforcing your marketing campaign by using an interactive and conversational way: to understand the questions really raised by your conversation partners (without bias or taboo), to educate around a new treatment protocol, to point towards the appropriate health care professional, etc.

Offer a service available 24/7, personalized and interactive

For the user it allows to have a validated answer to his question regardless of the time he asked it ... And for you it means not missing any information! In the case of a recommendation proposed by a nurse, or a medical advice that has been forgotten by the patient, this is not trivial and can render a real service.

Chatbots are therefore very sensitive tools and always alert. An important feature when we see that the average time spent on a website is ... 8 seconds.

Get real life insights

If chatbots are information mines, they are also flexible and can be constantly improved. When users use the chatbot, in the same way as when they surf the internet, their journey can indeed be followed. We can then identify the questions they have in mind, make sure they have received the best answer and thus refine the answers that can be given to them. It is also possible to offer mini questionnaires online to get real-time feedback.

The chatbot is actually a tool so customizable, that it can present a multitude of interests adapted to each context.

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