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Developing the digital health conversation

With an accessible and qualitative offer


I am an expert on the subject of conversational digital at the service of the pharmaceutical ecosystem. What interests me is to offer fluid, effective solutions that complement the existing relationship between a patient, a doctor, a medical representative, in order to optimize them.

Nathalie Lahitte

PharmD, Founder

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My journey began at the Faculty of Pharma in Bordeaux, p'm in Montreal, where I loved the atmosphere of competition that reigned to become the best pharmacist. I discovered  the innovations that enabled this enthusiasm.The desire to innovate has not left me!

I then had my first professional experiences in Paris in pharmaceutical marketing. I discovered the importance of the role of this ultra-regulated industry in promoting quality health information.

In 2018, I decided to found THE FARM & CO to be able to work externally on marketing projects and propose innovations while having the availability to understand them.

Today, one of my greatest satisfactions is to be able to make my clients benefit from this emulation around technologies, while respecting and understanding each day more finely the complex issues of this industry.


Our added-value






Health expertise

International footprint

Multidisciplinary network

Focus on experience


"THE FARM & Co"?

THE FARM & CO was born from a desire to offer qualitative digital health solutions developed with the appropriate technology.

"THE FARM" refers to the careful work done to cultivate conversation, build meaningful solutions and projects.

"& CO" is the essential extension to bring innovative ideas to life: the use of a network of experts and the best skills for your project.

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