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Cosmetic surgery faq

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The time in consultation with a doctor is rich and very limited. The objective of this tool is to make the link between frequently asked questions, daily advice, while waiting or between a consultation with the doctor.



We have built a conversational tool allowing patients to ask the question directly. The interest is to meet their priority needs, when they request it. Of course, if necessary, he or she directs them to the appropriate care center in order to contact the doctor.


Several thousand patients or future patients have turned to the tool. The questions are related to obtaining personalized advice, knowledge of new techniques, and setting up teleconsultation. A risk management system has been put in place to assess situations that are at medical risk or not. The training is carried out jointly with the doctor in order to enrich the database. Faced with patient demand, the tool is expected to be diversified into several languages.

Cosmetic consulting

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In an international context, customer requests are becoming more and more frequent. With often very specific questions in the pre-sales or after-sales phase. The management of multilingual and customer relations are among the key elements to manage.



We have built a tool that allows consumers to find the product that suits them. The idea is to simply navigate in order to find an answer quickly and sufficiently precise. It is also important to address the consumer in a friendly and appropriate tone that reflects the image of the brand.


Each month, the tool helps thousands of consumers. The personalized advice service is really appreciated since the consumer can have advice as if he were in front of a dermo-advisor. The selected sequences reflect the business challenges, with cultural differences depending on the country. Such a tool helps to improve traffic on a website because it allows directing to online content that is genuinely relevant to the consumer. The time spent online becomes highly qualitative.

Health communication hub

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Available in 10 languages


In the context of a health topic with a lot of digital content available, the challenge is to make information available very quickly. The objective is to provide quality medical information.



After having listed the available and exploitable content, we proposed an extremely simple conversational tool in order to direct towards the adapted content. The challenge of the conversational tool here is to initiate a conversation, and to very quickly target the type of needs that the patient may have.


The selection of content, from very simple content to more complex content, adapted to each type of patient was essential. Providing the type of content suited to what each patient is looking for during their journey has greatly contributed to the usefulness of the tool. The traffic to the different content and types of tools has thus been improved. Other conversational tools then made it possible to accompany the conversation in more depth.




Cédric Brulé.jpeg

Cedric Brulé

International Brand Manager

This pandemic context has led to the barriers in access to healthcare being lifted. It has become important for us to develop a tool that allows easy access to information.

We decided to create a chatbot to provide information in an original, interactive and intimate way.


Dr Vincent Hunsinger

Plastic surgeon


The chatbot completes the relationship with my patients because the relationship must be qualitative, and with a lot of information. Except that of course, the factor we have the least is time.

This makes it possible to have information that is delivered. The use of the chatbot makes the user experience much more interactive because it allows you to provide information and get as close as possible to the patient. It is this innovation rating and interactivity that really liked me in such process.

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